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Queso Fresco

My very favorite “semi-soft” cheese to make is Queso Fresco. I consider Mozzarella a semi-soft cheese as well, and I find Queso Fresco can substitute for Mozzarella on many occasions. Queso Fresco means “Fresh Cheese”. Sometimes, I find people confuse it with Queso Blanco (“white cheese”) because of the “queso” in the name. Queso is Spanish for cheese, and these two cheeses really have nothing in common, except that they're both easy to make and they are both cheese.

I like my cheese to have lots of flavor, and this Queso Fresco supplies it. It is lightly pressed and ready to eat in just a few days. It is of Latin American origin, and has many variations. I make all my cheeses with goat milk, because I raise dairy goats. You could substitute cow milk, just raise the temperatures by 4°.

Correct temperatures are very important in cheese making, so be sure to use a good thermometer. I find that the easiest way to control the temperature of the curds is to use a homemade double boiler. I place my big cheese making pot into my big ol’ canning kettle, which I have placed on the stove. I fill the canner with water up to the level of the milk in the cheese making pot. I place a thermometer in the water of the canner as well as the milk. This way I can tell the temperature of the water, which in turn, helps me control the temperature of the milk and curds.

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